Treating ecological disasters

Case Study:

 Removing PCB – a toxic and cancerous transformer oil.


 When a fire broke out at the Ashdod power plant, the transformers containing PCB oil exploded, and the PCB with the oil spilled out and threatened to cause a major ecological disaster. Arrow had to solve two problems:

First, they needed to purify the polluted water that was used to extinguish the fire and began to flow towards the stream and from there to the sea.

Second, the problem was how to capture, separate and stabilize the PCB into solid state.

Arrow’s Solution:

In less than 24 hours Arrow reached the power plant, installed their system and  developed a process to remove the PCB from the water. They brought portable devices and systems, reactors, pumps, storage tanks, sand and coal filters and began to handle the event.

Before calling Arrow, the insurance company looked around the world for other cheaper solutions, and found no other solution for removing the PCB from the water.

The work included blockages, collecting, pumping, separating materials, stabilizing PCB by physical-chemical means and removing clean water.

At the end, the PCB was stabled and was placed in a controlled landfill.

Therefore, a major ecological disaster was prevented.

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