River Ice Cutting

Fracking water treatment

The principal, suggested, wastewater treatment process

Physical and chemical sedimentation of dissolved, suspended solids and heavy metals.

Reverse Osmosis. (Pre filtration?)

Advance Oxidation.

Treatment Targets

Lower COD and TDS

Lower Chloride

Lower oil remains

Very low Boron level (Boric Acid)

Bacteria free water

Commercially cost effective

Fracking water treatment


Fracking water treatment process


An independent mobile system.

Recycling of most wastewater while significantly conserving fresh water.

Reduction of sludge and wastewater to be land filled to a minimum. (up to 90%)

Ecologically and environmentally friendly treatment with no emissions.

Current significant economic saving which will increase in the future.

Proven successful laboratory and field tests.

Analysis Before and After treatment

Comparison between Arrow’s System and Other Alternatives

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