Tank Cleaning

The challenge:

As part of their operational routine, large Industrial plants hold and store hazardous and non-hazardous martials in large tanks. With time, heavy sediments and sludge accumulate at the bottom of the tanks, partially obstructing the tank and preventing its proper and economical operation. In addition to the dangers and risks associated with the extremely harsh environment that poses in the tanks, sediments removal by conventional methods and machinery requires long terms shut down and great skilled manpower to accomplish the job.

This causes significant loss of funds to the industry every year.

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What we offer?

Arrow offer a various tanks cleaning and vessels cleaning services. Our solutions include a wide range of remote operated robotic cleaning machines which used to facilitate the hazardous sludge and sediments removal from industrial tank and confined space applications. by applying our automatic and semi – automatic cleaning robot’s clients reduce operating costs, focus on their core business and meet their safety and environmental objectives. As part of our cost effective approach, we also offering a wide range of onsite treatment and separation services. This cuts down on waste management and waste disposal costs and the liquids obtained from the processes can be reused or sold to maximize client’s profits.

Your facility handles highly hazardous material?

please contact us to discuss your specific need.

Tank cleaning

Our differentiated value

Unlike other alternatives in the market that offer the same solution for different Projects, we believe that each project is different and therefore require a different approach. During the last 30 years of experience as the industry pioneer and leader in the industrial confined spaces cleaning, Arrow has developed a several robotic models and each model was designed for specific industrial purpose and environment. Whether your tank is open, closed or contained hazardous material Arrow has the best solution for you.


Proven ability’s

Tailor made design.

Liner protection mechanism.

Low turbulence and turbidity.

Remote operated navigation.

Hydraulically driven system.

Variety of feature level (camera sensors etc.).

Floating and submersible configurations.

Various Functional attachment for different industrial task.

Deliver in one standard 20’ container.

Turnkey solution.

Benefits for our clients:

Reduce cleaning operating costs.

Increases safety and productivity.

Minimize hazardous and non-hazardous waste volumes.

Reduce disposal costs.

Recover valuable products such as acid, oil, metals, water and more.

Restore storage and settling capacity.

And more.


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