Industrial Dredging and Cleaning

Arrow Operation and Technologies specializes in providing tailor-made Industrial dredging and cleaning solutions. Our main competitive advantage lies within our unconventional, unique and innovative robotic dredging solutions which are used to facilitate the hazardous sludge and sediments removal from highly complex confined spaces. Our activity focuses mainly on the chemical, petrochemical, and mining industries e.g. pits, impervious liners sludge lagoon, petroleum storage tanks, cooling tower basins, ash, radioactive and tailing ponds.

Industrial treatment, separation and reuse

Arrow Operation and Technologies owns, operates and maintains a full range of equipment and resources to provide on-site industrial treatment solutions in support of our dredging and cleaning services. We offer a wide range of treatment techniques for both, hazardous and non-hazardous sludge and wastewater applications. As part of our tailor made approach, services can be provided either as a fixed or portable treatment facility.

R&D and Hydro-mechanical solutions

When an unconventional problem arises and cannot be solved through standard measures, Arrow’s engineers will work with you in order to create a perfectly tailor made solution including detailed metallurgy and startup assistance.


Industrial Sludge Services

Industrial Sludge Turnkey Solution

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