The Ripper™ series:

On road confined space vessels cleaning system

Arrow operations and technologies developed a unique semi-automatic system based on a high pressured water jet. The Ripper was specially designed for cleaning the on road confined space vessels such as railway wagons ISO tanks etc. from hard sludge and sediments which tend to accumulate at the bottom of the vessels. These types of cleaners make the sludge cleaning process quicker, cost-effective, and safe because of the elimination of un-protected workers exposure to the sludge itself. The Ripper, with the help of one operator, reduces the out-of-service time of the vessels by as much as 80%. The system eliminates many of the health problems for the workers which inevitably result from the inhalation of toxic fumes. The Ripper is built upon an easy to use, straight forward principle and can be tailored to client requirements.
For more information, please contact us.

 For further information, please contact us

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