The Predator™ series

Arrow’s Predator™ is a unique, innovative robotic system designed for cleaning, treatment and recycling of industrial sludge and wastewater. The Predator™ series is composed of six different Predator™ models. Along with the ability to perform any standard dredging task, each model is designed for a specific industrial purpose and environment. The Predator™ series comes in a variety of feature levels, such as a semi- automated system, an algorithm based advanced laser system to prevent lagoon liner damage, online slurry monitoring system, online hazardous gas alert, mechanical monitoring, control systems and more.

Model 1200

Model 1400

Model 1450

Model 1600

Model 1800

Model 1900

Main features & advantages:

  • Boom depth extensions
  • Auto grease system
  • Highly effective and buoyancy resistant application
  • Explosion proof, flame proof etc.
  • Handheld remote options
  • R.M.S: Real time monitoring system react to composition changes faster than an operator
  • High or low pH compatible systems
  • Pump: 15-250 m3/hr
  • Delivered in an easy- to –transport 20 feet container with option for various application & accessories level
  • Pump booster- discharge over large distances.
  • Tailor made design
  • Proven ability

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