The Hunter™ series

Arrow’s Hunter™ series is a unique and advanced robotic system, designed for online cleaning, treatment and recycling of industrial sludge and wastewater. The Hunter ™ series provides a solution for the most challenging and complex sludge and wastewater applications such as sludge lagoons, storage tanks, cooling tower basins and more. In such applications with usually no direct or limited access, conventional equipment cannot be used for sludge or sediments removal. The Hunter™ series cleaning robots are specifically designed to safely and efficiently to remove sludge and sediments from such complex industrial confined spaces. The Hunter ™ series is composed of five different Hunter models and each model is designed for a specific industrial purpose and environment. The Hunter ™ series comes in a variety of feature levels such as a semi-automated system, online slurry monitoring system, online hazardous gas alert, mechanical monitoring, control systems, sensors, cameras and lighting systems and more.

The Hunter ™ series main features:

Arrow's Tailor made approach:

Arrow’s engineers will work with you in order to create a perfectly tailor made solution including detailed metallurgy and startup assistance.

The Hunter ™ series Advantages:

  • Proven abilities:

With over of 30 years of experience Arrow Operation and Technologies is the industry pioneer and leader in online industrial confined spaces cleaning.

  • Saves time and money- Significant reduction of client’s total costs for the confined spaces cleaning operations.

The Hunter™ series operates in the confined space while facilities remain in full operation and by that preventing a costly shutdown.

  • Increases productivity:

The Hunter may be operated by a team of two man.

Reduced duration of cleaning operations

  • Increase Safety and Reduce Liability:

Confined space entry is not required: Eliminate the dangers associated with confined space entry by sending our robots into dangerous confined spaces instead of risking human lives.

Eliminate the need for special confined space entry permitting.

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