Portable facilities

The challenge:

Planning and constructing Industrial sludge and wastewater treatment facilities is usually preformed over long periods of time and is spread over large areas. However, when ecological disaster or emergency occurs one needs immediate effective solutions which requires specialist equipment, training and a great deal of skill.

In addition, some industrial facilities are often in remote locations, they require readily transportable package treatment plants on temporary and permanent arrangements. Moreover, construction of treatment facilities might be economically inefficient when material quantity is low.

What we offer?

The Hanna 2 is a portable Industrial sludge and wastewater treatment system. The system is capable of performing programmed or manual treatment steps of liquid waste as clarification, neutralization, reduction, chemical oxidation, coagulation, flocculation, absorption, filtration, disinfection, demineralization and more. Each system is tailored to specific project requirements and can easily transported in single 20’ container, therefore, it can be efficiently mobilized, assembled, and placed into operation. The unit is operational within 3-6 hours form arrival to site. The onsite Installation is minimized and only requiring electrical cable and simple Flange-to-Flange pipeline connection.

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PLC controlled chemical feed systems.

Delivery to the site ready to go.

Design and built in accordance to the client specifications.

All our equipment is designed for easy operation and maintenance

Small footprint for flexible deployment in different locations.

State-of-the-art equipment.

Benefits for our clients:

The recycled water is adapted to client’s demands for re-use of various processes.

Reliable, effective, economic and sustainable solution.

Effectively minimizes operational downtime.

Onsite training

Optional Components:

Dewatering machinery including filter press, belt press, vacuum press, centrifuges, vibrating separator and more.

Media filtration (different sand type, quartz& anthracite, catalytic media and gravity filter)

High quality filtration (through an ultra-filtration membrane)

✓ Membrane processing (Nano filtration, submersible membranes, MBR)

Chemical mixing and dosing units

Control buffer

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Desalination

Polishing including Ion exchange, electro deionization (EDI) and electro dialysis (EDR)

Coagulation and flocculation (use of chemicals to improve filtration process downstream).



Sand and activated carbon 

And more


Success story:

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