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What we offer?

Arrow provides a comprehensive range of dewatering methods and machinery, including filter presses, belt presses, vacuum presses, centrifuges, vibrating separators, and more. Our treatment steps and methods include acid and base neutralization, reduction, chemical oxidation, coagulation, flocculation, and others.

Arrow’s industrial physicochemical applications have a high financial value as they allow a large volume of waste to be reused effectively. The amount of waste that must be disposed of is significantly reduced by treating liquids and solids. This reduces waste management and disposal costs. Furthermore, liquids produced by the processes can be reused or sold to maximize our client’s profits.

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Benefits for our clients:

Arrow industrial physico chemical services have a great financial value, as it allows for large volume of waste to be reused in an effective manner. By treating liquids and solids, the amount of waste that needs to be disposed is significantly reduced. This cuts down on waste management and waste disposal costs. In addition, liquids obtained from the processes can be reused or sold to maximize our client’s profits especially in the long run.


Industrial sludge services

Industrial sludge turnkey solution

Industrial sludge treatment

Industrial sludge dewatering 

Industrial sludge separation

Industrial sludge reuse

Industrial sludge recovery

Industrial sludge filtration

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater separations

Wastewater separation and reuse

Wastewater reuse

Wastewater recovery

Sludge wastewater treatment

Industrial sludge treatment

Water treatment sludge

Sludge dewatering  technologies

Dewatering wastewater

Sludge treatment technologies

Sludge dryers wastewater

Dewatering in wastewater treatment

Wastewater centrifuge dewatering

Industrial sludge dewatering

Hazardous sludge dewatering

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