Lagoons and Ponds Cleaning

The challenge:

Ponds and lagoons are widely used as an industrial storage area and settling mechanism. Over time, sludge and sediments accumulate at the bottom, partially obstructing and preventing the proper and economical operation.

Sediments located at the bottom of tanks usually contain highly valuable and recyclable materials. On the other hand, access to these is very limited and as a result difficult to treat.

In addition, safety risks associated with the extremely harsh environments usually require long and costly shutdown periods.

To maintain hazardous materials from penetrating into the ground and to avoid groundwater contamination, impermeable liners are placed on the bottom layer. Any damage to the liners may lead to high cost of ground contamination treatment, which may only be discovered long after the cleaning process has ended.

As a result, sludge and sediments removal by conventional methods and machinery such as dredgers, excavators etc. is a costly operation which involves significant economic risks, in addition, requires specific caution and great skills.

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What we offer?

With over 30 years’ experience within the industry, Arrow Operations and Technologies offer tailor-made industrial dredging and cleaning services. Our solutions include a wide range of remotely operated robotic dredging machines used to facilitate the hazardous sludge and sediments removal from any type of industrial pond, lagoon, basin, tailings etc.

Our remotely operated online dredging services include an innovative safety liners protection system, which allows for time and funds savings by preventing a costly shutdown, decreases economic risks and Increases safety and productivity.

As part of our turnkey approach, we offer a comprehensive wide range of onsite treatment and separation service. This cuts down on waste management and waste disposal costs the liquids obtained from the processes can be reused or sold to maximize client’s profits.


Our Predator™ series




Our Hunter™ series




Our differentiated value

Design for the industrial demand

Along with the ability to perform any standard dredging task our robotic dredging solutions are compact enough to easily maneuver through any small industrial lagoons and therefore, can reaches areas that much larger, heavier and more expensive conventional dredgers will not be able to reach.

In-house manufacture

In order to meet the highest quality and performance standards we design and manufacture all our dredge equipment in-house.

Turnkey dredging services: All in one solution

In order to maximize the beneficial reuse of your waste, we can help plan, design and build a long-term processing facility at your desired site in support of our dredging services. Our services Including R&D and innovative solids separation technologies.

Tailor made approach

Unlike other alternatives which offer the same solution for different projects, we believe that each project is different and therefore requires a different approach. During the past 30 years as the industry pioneers and leaders in the industrial dredging services, Arrow has developed several robotic models while each model was designed for a specific industrial purpose and environment.

Our engineers will work alongside with you in order to create a perfectly tailor made solution including detailed metallurgy and startup assistance. Whether your industrial pond or lagoon is deep, shallow or contains hazardous material Arrow has the solution for you.


Proven abilities

Best efficiency and durability

Tailor made design.

Delivery distance up to 1500 meters

Easily operated by a single operator

Liner protection mechanism.

Various powerful pump configurations

Ideal for industrial confined space applications.

Low turbulence and turbidity.

Remotely operated navigation.

Heavy duty electrical or hydraulically driven system.

Variety of feature level (camera, sensors, etc.).

Floating and submersible configurations.

Various functional attachments for different industrial tasks.

Easy to transport and assembly (deliver in one standard 20’ container)

Various pontoons configurations for industrial shallow or deep pond application.

Highest grade materials for better corrosion resistance and longer lifespan.

Various booms and other equipment that can help to meet any dredging requirement.

Best cost effective solution:

Reduce cleaning operating costs.

Increases safety and productivity.

Minimize hazardous and non-hazardous waste volumes.

Reduce disposal costs.

Recover valuable products such as acid, oil, metals, water and more.

Restore storage and settling capacity.

Solves a long list of environmental hazards.

And more.

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