Mobile and Stationary Water Treatment Facilities

The Problem

Water treatment is a complex procedure uniquely adapted to various water types and therefore requires wide know how and expertise

Increasing environmental awareness has resulted in stringent regulatory demands for water quality thereby increasing water treatment related charges

Water treatment is a complex procedure uniquely adapted to various water types and therefore requires wide know how and expertise

Planning and constructing water treatment facilities is usually performed over long periods of time and is spread over large areas. When severe water pollution occurs one needs immediate treatment in limited areas

The Arrow Solution

Arrow experts, together with our vast investment in new technologies, have gained the capability to handle a very wide range of requirements involving different methods, applications and regulations

Arrow technologies address various contaminations such as metals, nitrates suspended solids, complex organic compounds, dissolved salts, THMs, toxins and more

The recycled water is adapted to customer’s demands for re-use of various processes

Arrow offer a reliable, effective, economic and sustainable solution

Arrow treats and recycles water for re-use by compact facilities, both stationary and mobile, built to exact client specifications

Flange-to-flange system, delivery to the site ready to go

Design for high readability and simple maintenance

Small footprint for flexible deployment in different locations

End solutions in water treatment for the following sectors:

Private and commercial:
Resorts and Hotels
Treated water supply for the above
Other private and commercial sectors

Municipal and Services:
Water and drinking water supply (Desalination of sea/brackish water)
Waste water (primary, secondary and tertiary purification)
Dialysis institutions
Other municipal and services sectors

Water supply (such as desalination of brackish water and filtration)
Irrigation (dripping lines)
Other agriculture sectors

 Civil engineering:
Pipes networks for all the above sectors
Pump stations
Project management



» Initial treatment process to improve water quality supplied from various sources, for example: river water, well water, reservoir water etc.

» Process and technologies include the following steps:

› Coagulation and Flocculation (use of chemicals to improve the filtration process downstream).
› Softening (by antiscalant or resins)
› Filtration tanks (filtration under press) containing various media such as basalt, sand, anthracite.
› Clarifiers
› Flotation
› Activated carbon removal such as organic substances and fats.


» Mechanical screening filter press.
» Media filtration using different sand types, quartz & anthracite, catalytic media and gravity filters.
» Basic filtration using depth filters and cartridge filters.

High quality filtration

» Through a UF (Ultra Filtration) type membrane for up to 0.02 microns filtration

Membrane processing

» Nano Filtration (NF)
» Submersible Membranes
» Membranes Bio-Reactor (MBR)

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Desalination (mobile skid)

» Process of removing salts and various ions for producing mineral free water.

Polishing technology

Advanced polishing technology to create ultra-pure water quality by:\

» Resin
» Mixed bed (Ion exchange)
» Electrodeionization (EDI)
» Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR)

Advanced treatment

Oxidation treatment which includes the use of advanced technology in order to create free radicals able to break the molecule bonds.

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