Biological wastewater treatment

Arrow specialize in unique innovative solutions for high organic load wastewater. It uses biological, aerobic and anaerobic treatment while converting wastewater to biogas, water and sludge.

There is a wide array of wastewater biological treatments such as ventilation systems, various bioreactors, filters etc.

The process is energy efficient and cost effective.

Arrow apply these processes for the chemical, petrochemical and the food industry.

Arrow offers biological treatment solutions according to customers’ demands and materials required for treatment.  This is performed by design, construction and tailor made operation of designated plants.

Project Process:

Design and establishment of industrial wastewater treatment plants containing organic solvents

The company deals with wastewater from various industries such as food, drink, medical, petro-chemistry, recycling etc.

Wastewater biological treatment includes aerobic and anaerobic processes.

Treatment is according to organic load and material composition.

In addition, water can be utilized for re-use by aerobic polishing and treatment of advanced system such as RO, UV etc.

Additionally, sludge can be solidified and used as burning material.

wastewater treatment
wastewater treatment

Design and establishment of high organic content waste treatment plants and production of biogas

The company treats solid and liquid organic waste from various sources such as the food industry, agriculture etc.

Projects target: waste treatment and production of clean energy (biogas).

Treatment is mainly by anaerobic processes.

End products include biogas, compost and water.

The process will be combined with an intense anaerobic procedure using reactors with a sludge and water treatment system.

Design and establishment of biogas cleaning plants for energy utilization

The company constructs biogas treatment plants for advanced utilization.

Biogas created from various sources contains chemical compounds which interrupt the efficient and economic utilization of energy such as siloxanes, sulfuric compounds etc.  The company constructs plants which clean the biogas to a desired level for efficient utilization of energy plants.  In addition, one may construct plants for biogas cleaning up to a bio-methane level used for refueling vehicles.

Design and establishment of odor treatment plants

The company designs and constructs odor treatment facilities for waste treatment plants, compost plants etc.

This is performed by a water curtain technology for absorbing the pollutants and treating them biologically.