Sludge lagoon treatment

Arrow has developed many unique, tailor made successful processes over the years. Arrow’s solutions are cost-effective, and are best suited for clients' demands.
Some of Arrow’s unique processes include:
• Phosphoric acid sludge treatment.
• Petrochemical sludge treatment.
• And More.

Arrow Operations and Technologies had developed a unique process for robotic pumping of sludge out of sludge lagoons and its' recycling.

Arrow’s innovative process is targeted at factories in the chemical, petrochemical and mining industry

Arrow’s solution besides being very environmentally friendly can also be very profitable to the client.

Arrow system main components:
• The Predator- Our unique robotic remote controlled pumping barge that enables sludge safe pumping without damaging the lagoon's protecting polyethylene sheets.
• Sludge dewatering and recycling facility.

Robotic pumping barge in a sludge lagoon
Sludge dewatering and acid recycling facility
Sludge Treatment Process

Arrow's main thechnological advantages

Safe pumping of the sludge while keeping the lagoon operational at all times and preventing ecological harm.

Recycling of high value Phosphoric acid, Crude oil and more.

Producing dry and stabilized sludge.

To conclude

Arrow operations and technologies have been a leading figure in sludge pumping ,treating and de watering for the last 35 years.

Arrow have developed a series of advanced robotic systems.

Arrow's leading technology is successfully applied in Phosphoric acid sludge treatment and acid recycling, Petrochemical sludge treatment and crude oil recycling.

Arrow’s offer is highly cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Among Arrow’s customers are some of the largest companies in Israel:
– Dead sea works
– Rotem Amfert Negev-ICL
– Israel water company (Mekorot)
– Israel electricity company
– Omis and Sorek desalination facilities
– And more ...

Projects gallery

Electric barge robot Senegal
Hydraulic barge robot Senegal
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