Online Cleaning of Cooling Tower

What we offer?

Arrow specializes in planning, manufacturing and operating robots and unique systems for treating, cleaning and recycling sludge in active cooling towers which enables them to operate continuously during the cleaning process.  

Arrow have introduced a breaking through technology based on a remote controlled robotic pumping unit.

The system is designed for on-line sludge pumping while the cooling tower is in operation and by that preventing the cooling tower from shutting down.

The pumped sludge is treated in an external mobile unit which separates the solids from the water using chemical and physical processes.

Liquid sludge is then dewatered in a filter press.

The outcome is clean water returned to the cooling tower and very dry harmless sludge.

During the process the cooling tower is fully operational at all times!!!

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The system average  performance

Arrow’s robotic system can pump and treat up to  approximately 50 M3 of  liquid sludge per hour.

This information is depended upon cooling tower’s structure, sludge amounts and characteristics.

To conclude:

The Cooling tower is a key factor in any chemical or petro chemical factory.

Shutting down a cooling tower is extremely problematic and costly.

Arrow’s system is on line cleaning of cooling towers while preventing shutdown.

End products are vey dry harmless sludge and clean water ready to reuse in the cooling tower.

Our Technology in Action

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