Industrial Sludge Treatment

Arrow Operations and Technologies is a unique company specializing in treating industrial sludge, wastewater and hazardous materials. The company has a unique approach for providing innovative and tailor made solutions while using unique technologies and work procedures compatible and adjustable to customer’s needs and rely upon company’s professional experience over the years.

Arrow develop and apply advanced solutions in BOO or BOT type project models.

Arrow specialize in treating  sludge lagoons with special solutions for pumping the sludge from the lagoon and treating, separating and recycling it. Click for more info

industrial sludge services
industrial sludge dewatering

Arrow specialize in cleaning, separating and recycling of sludge tanks by planning and manufacturing unique robots which pump the sludge out of the tanks in addition to building  sludge treatment facilities.  Click for more info

Arrow specialize in planning, manufacturing and operating robots and unique systems for treating, cleaning and recycling sludge in active cooling towers which enables them to operate continuously during the cleaning process.  Click for more info

industrial sludge solution
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