Special pumping solutions – Wet

Case Study #1:

Pumping of an oily sludge lagoon to tanks for recycling due to soil and groundwater pollution. Was performed by pre-filtering and thermic means in addition to mechanical and hydraulic means.


Haifa’s oil refineries, 50 year old, 200,000 m3 lagoon contained sludge. This included hydrocarbons and various pollutants including solids such as plastic, metal, stones and various other foreign bodies.  Soil and groundwater pollution meant the lagoon had to be emptied.  The sludge had insufficient fluid for pumping, and neither was it transportable in its’ current state since it was semi-solid and containing metal and stones.  Furthermore, it wasn’t in a recyclable state therefore had to be removed only by mechanical means. This incurs high landfilling costs and prolonged ecological nuisance.

Arrow’s Solution:

Arrow established a unique system which included a hydraulic filtering system and a thermic element. This enabled hydrocarbons to be pumped in a clean manner using a special pump in a 2km pipe leading to a tank at the oil refinery where the material received a phyisco-chemical treatment in order to separate the oil from the water and solids remnants.

The project lasted for approximately 18 months; it was planned and implemented by our company.

The Haifa oil refinery saved tens of millions of dollars by recycling most of the material as opposed to sending it to landfilling.  Additionally, expensive land was freed in order to build a plant.

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