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Arrow Operations & Technologies Ltd. a leading company operating in the field for over 35 years specialize in the treatment and recycling of industrial wastewater and sludge using cutting-edge, safe and eco-friendly technology and applications.

Arrow Operations & Technologies Ltd. is a unique company offering innovative and tailor-made solutions for the treatment and recycling of sludge and wastewater, including:  design, inhouse development, and production of the facilities it implements and operates in the field, in BOO or BOT format.

The Company is committed to handling the client’s unique needs. Its compensation is calculated based on the actual result as defined for execution.

The company is headed by Mr. Boaz Zadik and Mr. Israel Feig, backed by many years of experience in the field. They are joined by a team of experts, including engineers, technicians and operational personnel from various fields of expertise, aimed at developing and implementing novel and creative solutions emphasizing efficient and speedy applications, without disruption of factory work.

Company services:

♦ Industrial Dredging and Cleaning

♦ Industrial treatment, separation and reuse

R&D and Hydro-mechanical solutions

Arrow Operations & Technologies Ltd has a proven resume of work performance in chemical, petrochemical and mining industries .Among its projects are multi-annual projects carried out or implemented for clients such as the ICL Group, the Haifa Refinery, Haifa Chemicals, desalination facilities, power plants and international projects in factories in India and Senegal, and additional locations across the globe.

The Arrow Operations & Technologies Ltd team is pleased to be of service.

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