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Physico- chemical processes Our company has developed various industrial equipment and processes which provide a physicochemical answer to most industrial wastewater and sludge types. Among our solutions is a mobile treatment unit, thickening and stabilization systems in addition to sedimentation and neutralization processes design, recycling of raw materials for the production process etc.

Our company can solve complex problems at laboratory level (we own two laboratories for this purpose only) including the implementation of an industrial pilot at the client's premises with the possibility of a Turn-key project implementation as B.O.T/B.O.O.

In order to solve various problems the plant is required to forward a relevant wastewater analysis and following an initial feasibility test, our experts will be happy to treat any problem to a complete solution and client satisfaction.

In addition, we also deal with wastewater originating from the Electric company, chemical and petrochemical industry, wastewater as a result of chemical clean-up, metal coating factories etc.

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