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Industrial thermo-solar treatment Our company has developed an industrial thermo-solar treatment which utilizes solar energy for moisture concentration, wastewater evaporation processes and sludge concentration and condensing.

It is an ecological green process which uses sun rays in a controlled manner - fivefold more efficient than direct sun utilization.

The applications are:

1. Solution concentration by production processes which is performed by the increase in required moisture concentrations via a heating process to 400°C. The possibility of utilizing the system by a refining tower and fraction separation according to its composition is also available.

2. Wastewater controlled evaporation including a condensing system for the receipt of clean water back to the plant for re-use. This minimizes land requirements and may substitute an existing wastewater plant with high thermal efficiency.

3. Sludge treatment: nowadays in regular systems such as centrifuges, decanters, filter presses etc - high level of moisture is left over in sludge created by waste treatment processes. Sludge moisture levels are between 70%-90%. By the correct use of thermo-solar technology, sludge may be dried to a level of 0%-10% which significantly reduces its removal for landfilling or incineration. It may be combined with a thickening and stabilization process for landfilling or re-used as infrastructure material for the plant.

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