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Global Solar Projects (G.S.P) Summary

A system that treats sludge waste and transforms it to energy and raw materials by harnessing solar energy to thermo-chemically transform the waste.

The Global Solar Projects System represents a low cost, comprehensive solution that serves as an economic waste disposal alternative and provides a source of "green energy" and raw materials.


Wastewater sludge treatment is a known sore. Treating it requires dewatering, conditioning, storage, hauling and final disposal - all add up to significant manpower, capital costs and operating expenses. Additionally it requires large equipment, supplies and chemicals. Disposal is especially problematic as landfills are costly and limited in capacity. Incineration has its own staggering costs and complexities, and land - based disposal is running into resistance and regulatory issues. All these processes consume energy and provide no opportunity for renewable energy use. Everywhere you look things are becoming more and more difficult, complex and expensive when it comes to sludge.
Global Solar Projects developed a solution which addresses the above issues as well as produces Emissions-free Energy (electricity and heat) and useable Raw Materials.

The solution revolves around installation of a solar powered processing facility on the premises of a waste disposal plant.

The solar technology is based on concentrating the solar radiation with a solar tower concept. In this concept a field of tracking mirrors (called heliostats) are surrounding a tower and directing the collected radiation onto an aim point on the tower where the solar biomass reactor (pyrolysis reactor or gasifier) is placed. This concept is a mature technology and the innovative part is the receiver/reactor and its interfacing with the solar tower concentrating plant.

A solar power tower can be built on an existing structure. The heliostats can be constructed utilizing unused or underutilized areas of the plant (open space or structures).

Comparison to other technologies

The solution is unique and innovative. It can be compared to solar electricity production technologies and to traditional sludge treatment plants.
  1. Solar Energy Production vs. Solar Power Tower and Sludge

System Attributes

Solar Energy Production

Solar Power Tower and Sludge





New built area

Existing location



Existing such as roads, buildings, ponds and tanks

Energy production

During daylight

Unique - 24/7 - sludge can be stored and used during the night and on cloudy days

Green Energy

Emissions free energy production

Emissions free energy production

  2. Sludge Treatment vs. Sludge Treatment with a Solar Power Tower

System Attributes

Sludge Treatment

Sludge Treatment with a Solar Power Tower


Large areas

Area economizing


Building on existing infrastructure such as roads, buildings, ponds and tanks

Landfilling charges

Huge charges

No landfillingincome from sludge and raw materials



Source of energy

Material conveying

Transport risks and conveying costs

No material conveying. Save on transportation risks and charges


No energy produced

Green energy production


Carbon credits


Possible eligibility

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