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Proposed Process Location
A closed or active dump site has to be chosen and the desirable systems should be placed around it. There should not be any problems with accessing the site due to existing truck roads around the dump.

Treatment of an existing site
Drilling has to be performed on site in order to receive bio gas and to transfer it to a proposed energy system in addition to performing drainage work for gathering leachate created in a natural process and transferring it to the biological treatment system.
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Receiving and the initial sorting process
The purpose of this process is manually or mechanically to sort out waste into initial streams, to remove large items such as large pieces of iron and cardboard and to transfer them into the appropriate recycling plant.
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Wet sorting
Removing waste by settling, sorting and washing it in water also removing metals, sand and glass. Subsequently, removing different kinds of plastic together with the transportation of organic degradable materials in a liquid form to an anaerobic treatment system.

Anaerobic treatment
Insertion of bio mass into the anaerobic process accelerated for bio gas breakdown purposes, water and fertilizer (may be integrated in Municipal Sewage Refining plant). It will also accept the leachate from the dump for treatment.
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An energy system
An energy system will include generators for bio gas that will receive energy from a controlled treatment system (reactors) and from natural breakdown created in a dump. This will produce energy together with heat for the whole site.
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Plastic recycling plant
After the initial sorting process, the sorted plastic will be transferred to secondary sorting by washing and the use of existing water (washing water will be returned to a bio process). Separated material will be subjected to granulation to be sold as raw material for the industry. There is an option to manufacture end products such as chairs, surfaces etc.
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N.B. After the change in China's legislation it is impossible to sell unprocessed raw material to China.

Metal recycling plant
Plants will receive metals, perform the secondary sorting procedure, crush and press metals according to variety (it is possible to establish a melting plant although not necessary).
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Paper and cardboard recycling plant
The plant will carry out a secondary sorting procedure according to cardboard and paper quality for further use as raw materials (it is possible to establish a paper recycling plant - an option).
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Fertilizer manufacturing plant
The plant will receive sludge following the biological process and will create quality organic fertilizer for agriculture in dry, packed and stabilized forms. (leachate will return to the biological process).
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A plant for the placement of inert materials in infrastructure
The energetic waste will go through a thermo process for infrastructure usage (sand, stones, glass etc.)

The land required for the treating plant for the quantity of approximately 1000 tons is 120 thousand square meters, of which 50 thousand square meters will be used for initial sorting and collection while the rest of the space will be used for recycling plants and storage.

A quantity of expected electric energy - 20 MW per hour, 40 % from calorific usage and about 30 MW per hour of residual heat.

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