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The IRP Process The rises in commodity prices, as well as the heightened interest in biofuels and environmental factors, form a unique opportunity in the waste management services market.

The Company has therefore introduced an innovative process which may not only save waste-management expenditure (e.g. $/ton solid waste dumping charges), but also generate income from the waste, by producing raw materials, natural gas and fuel, and more.

At the core, the parks' target is to maximize existing resources, systems and materials by developing sorting and production means for local operations - i.e. the establishment of an industrial recycling park within active/inactive dumps.

This includes the establishment of raw material processing plants (plastic, metal, paper and other plants for secondary use material manufacturing) as well as other material manufacturing plants (e.g. high grade fertilizer).

The parks include the entire process: from initial sorting, through recycling and refining, to manufacturing of the final product - raw crude materials to be sold onwards.

The park supplies its own process-water and energy needs, utilizing environmentally friendly methods (e.g. the use of biogas rather than fossil fuel).

Previously discarded with no further use, waste in the Company's revolutionary parks generates income (rather than expenditure) and employment.

This is done with relatively low costs, which derive from low handing rates, land location, and the availability of energy and water.

In this scenario, implications include, inter alia:
  • Generation of income from primary revenue sources such as gate fees and raw materials and commodity sales, as well as secondary revenue sources such as emission trade.
  • Significant decrease of toxic emissions.
  • Rehabilitation of the existing dump.
  • Improvement of land quality and real estate value.
  • Generation of employment.

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