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I.R.P In developing cities, organic waste material accounts for most of the waste. Incineration, while theoretically of interest, is expensive and generates gaseous and solid emissions such as dioxins and ash.

GRPL have developed an integrated waste management solution for developing countries by constructing unique recycling parks.

The parks integrate waste sorting and recycling in the same location, sharing utilities and saving on handling and logistics. They produce raw materials and commodities in an environmentally friendly manner while generating their own power and secondary - use water.

These parks capitalize on a number of global opportunities:
  • The search for green energy alternatives
  • The strong market for recycled raw materials
  • Kyoto protocol and the CDM mechanism
  • Country specific legislation
The parks decrease dump related costs, but also generate additional income from the above.

An in-depth analysis is done on many factors such as the different waste composition, the level of economic development, the market for recycled commodities, costs, public policy and environmental impact in order to be able to design the appropriate solution for the area under review. In developing countries, these facilities tend to include appropriate combinations of primary recycling and biogasification.

Waste to energy projects have a dual benefit of dealing with the ever increasing problem of waste as well as generating a substitute for fossil fuels.

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